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Webmasters Make Money!

Webmasters make money today!

Webmasters make money by finding good programs that pay for their hard earned traffic. If you are looking to make some extra money on the side easily, we suggest using Camdough as an affiliate for your Cam girl cash. This is one of the best earners today as you receive 30% revenue sharing for the life of any signups you receive meaning you can make thousands of dollars from just one subscriber. For VIP memberships you get 60% for the life of the membership which is unheard of in the Adult industry

Payments are made promptly each month via a check, wire transfer or a Paypal deposit.  We have used Camdough for years and they have never missed a payment and have been online since 2007 paying out millions of dollars to their webmasters. We highly recommend them if you are looking for the best Cam cash program on the Internet today

Be sure to signup for Camdough today and start making easy money promoting one the most effective niches out there today.

webmasters make money

Another great Asian converting Adult affiliate program is Barfine 2 Cash. They payout 50% of everything including rebills plus 5% on any webmaster you might refer. This is a really good program if your target market is Asian Bargirls from all countries in the Orient but mainly the Philippines and Thailand. We highly recommend them as they convert very well and you earn for the lifetime of the member including subsequent rebills which is the only way to go in the Adult industry. Signup for Barfine 2 Cash today and start earning money now. They have excellent free tools including exclusive Asian Bargirl photos and videos along with excellent eye catching banners

Barfine 2 Cash Affiliate Program
Asian Teens Barfine 2 Cash Affiliate Program

 Another great way to help webmasters make money is from Asian dating sites. They offer  generous revenue sharing plans or free signups payouts but we would highly recommend going with the 50% revenue sharing plan from Adult friend Finder. Adult Friend Finder is an excellent way to make re- occurring money from one of the biggest industries online today, matching making or dating sites as everyone is looking for love online these days.

Asian Friend Finder
Asian Friend Finder

Essential Adult Webmaster Communities & Tools


 For other various webmaster resources in the dating and Cam girl money industry, be sure to join the following forums to read up on the newest and best techniques of getting traffic as well as the best affiliate programs out there. You can also get exclusive or non exclusive content in their exclusive content market with deals only for Go Fuck Yourself members. The largest community is Go Fuck Yourself and it’s been online since 2000.

Go Fuck Yourself Webmaster community
Go Fuck Yourself Webmaster community

Webmaster Domain Name and Hosting Services

We highly recommend using Namecheap for both your domain name purchases and also for your lower volume WordPress sites. Namecheap is better than Godaddy as they give you a free Whoisguard service for a year making your domain name anonymous. Godaddy forces you to pay for this service and also hammers you with a lot of spam email. Over the years, we have used numerous registrars for our domains but now all domains have been moved to Namecheap due to their excellent pricing and free Whoisguard. We’ve had websites on GoDaddy that where disallowed and deleted without any reason given. 

Name Cheap Domain name registration and web hosting
Name Cheap Domain name registration and web hosting

Namecheap also provides very good web hosting at affordable rates. Their hosting packages are very easily scaled giving you the option to seamlessly upgrade as your websites begin to grow and need more bandwidth along with server power due to increased traffic and database size. Namecheap uses the popular CPanel Web server administration software giving you full control over your VPS (Virtual Private Server), dedicated or managed server solutions

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